Insight into a digital Microcosmos

Travels on Conferences

With “Travels on Conferences”, Prof. Kayser publishes an entertaining and enjoyable lecture corresponding to the 13th European Conference on Digital Pathology, which provides an insight into the development of a scientific discipline evolving from a new digital technologies.

On the basis of anecdotes within the framework of the conference series on digital pathology, he gives insights into the microcosm of a discipline, not without a humoristic approach.




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96 pages with 31 color pictures, paperbound
Language: English, March 2016
ISBN 978-3-86542-070-1 (eBook),
ISBN 978-3-86542-069-5 (print version: 18,- Euro)


Once upon a time, in the 1960s a hen or an egg was delivered by the NASA (National Air and Space Agency) that dealt with all kinds of electronic communication to improve the astronauts’ safety. It took another 25 years until the first international (European) Conference on Telepathology (electronic communication in pathology) took place in the philosophers’ romantic city of Heidelberg in 1992.

This book describes all conferences which occurred over the last two decades in a two years period, and the development of telepathology and digital pathology.

These twelve conferences are a mirror of the technological progress in man’s understanding and application of virtual worlds, starting from simple face to face communication to open access platforms or social and medical networks and automated image analysis systems.

Conferences are information exchange occasions, and, in addition, background of funny events. The reader of this book can experience and enjoy both reliable and founded information of development and perspectives of digital pathology as well as mood and temper of participants who can be considered pioneers and experts in this specific scientific field.

About the author

Klaus Kayser, Dr. med. Dr. rer. Nat. Dr. h. c. mult., Professor of Pathology and Epidemiology at the Charité, Berlin, studied physics and medicine and is regarded as one of the pioneers of telemedicine and telepathology. After the global launch of the internet, he was involved in the iPATH Forum for the medical care of the Salomon Islands and created the Virtual Institute of Pathology (also known as VIPI). Under his coordination, the first measuring system, accessible via the Internet, was developed for the automatic evaluation of immunohistochemically stained cut preparations (EAMUS – today at As an expert in the field of histopathology, he worked on the cloud-based platform, CampusMedicus Klughammer, where he provided his  second opinion expertise for colleagues from developing countries.

161210_kayser_portraitProf. Kayser is the author and author of numerous specialist publications on pathology and telemedicine, and has also given his passion for writing to several books and novels:

Scientific Journals

  • Electronic Journal of Pathology and Histology
  • The journal of diagnostic pathology

Scientific Publications

  • Analytical Lung Pathology. Springer, Heidelberg.
  • Height and Weight in Human Beings. Oldenbourg, München.
  • Natural and Synthetic Mineral Fibers Affecting Man. Spektrum, Heidelberg.
  • Springer, Heidelberg
  • Telepatology and Telemedicine, schaefermueller, Berlin.
  • Virtual Microscopy. schaefermueller, Berlin.

Non-fiction Books

  • Medizin und Umwelt. Meyers Forum, Mannheim.
  • Krebs, Wissen was stimmt. Herder, Freiburg.


  • Terror im T-Team (Horst Joachim Rheindorf-literary award)
  • Der Tod eines Körperspenders
  • Zeitgedanken und Spiegeldenken
  • Restrisiko oder die heiligen Kühe der Nation
  • Erlebtes Erleben